VacFind - A COVID-19 vaccine resource finder

Our goal is to make COVID-19 vaccinations as easy and accessible as possible. Thats why we have created a national directory of resources to help you find a COVID vaccine.

Links to official information provided by government entities is listed in bold text. all other links are provided by volunteer groups or other non-government organisations.

You can use the list below to find resources such as:

  • tools to automatically find open appointment slots near you
  • local vaccine hunting and assistance groups
  • links to updated information about vaccination programs in your state
  • ... and more!

If you want to help out or suggest a change or addition to our list, please fill out this form or come chat with our team on Discord!

Looking for international COVID-19 resources?
VacFind is currently only providing links to US-based resources, however, the moderators of the r/COVID19 subreddit have published a list of international resources for finding COVID vaccines.

Has VacFind helped you?

If VacFind has saved you time looking for a vaccine, please consider sharing on social media. It is by far the best way you can help spread the word and help someone else get vaccinated.